Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux

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Acid Reflux services offered in Dunedin, Largo, Riverview and St. Petersburg, FL

When acid reflux or heartburn happens regularly, it can seriously interfere with your comfort, your ability to enjoy meals, and even sleep. At Spinal Correction Centers, Stephen Steller, DC, offers treatment focusing on the root cause of your symptoms. Chiropractic care can resolve the symptoms of acid reflux by taking pressure off the nerves causing the problems in your esophagus. Call one of the offices in Dunedin, Largo, Riverview, and St. Petersburg, Florida, to set up your appointment today, or use this website to schedule online.

Q & A

What causes acid reflux?

Your esophageal sphincter is a muscle that controls the flow of food and stomach acid. It’s at the base of the esophagus, a tube that connects your throat to your stomach. The esophageal sphincter opens to let food enter but shuts to prevent stomach acid from creeping back up. 


When you have acid reflux, this muscle isn’t acting as it should. As a result, you get strong acid in the esophagus, which leads to burning chest pain and other symptoms associated with acid reflux.


The esophageal sphincter may not work properly due to excess pressure inside your stomach. This can result from a tight belt, overeating, certain food choices, being overweight, or a hernia. 

What symptoms develop due to acid reflux?

A burning feeling in the center of your chest, known as heartburn, is the most common symptom of acid reflux. Other symptoms include:

  • Dry cough
  • Hoarseness 
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Bitter taste in your mouth
  • Feeling like there’s something in your throat

Heartburn is more likely to show up after you eat spicy foods or a large volume of food. It’s also triggered if you lie down soon after eating. 

How does a chiropractor treat acid reflux?

At Spinal Correction Centers, your treatment begins with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. If you’re overweight, your provider suggests ways to manage a healthy weight. This can reduce pressure on your stomach and, in turn, the esophageal sphincter to reduce your symptoms.

Other lifestyle changes that can help reduce symptoms of acid reflux include eating small meals, raising your head as you sleep, and waiting several hours before lying down after meals. 

Chiropractic manipulations help take the stress off your spine and joints, which reduces pressure on nerves contributing to acid reflux. Your chiropractor also gives you exercises to help you strengthen your back muscles, which further relieves pressure on your stomach. 


These natural approaches to treating acid reflux mean you don’t have to take harsh antacid medications or undergo invasive medical procedures.


Call Spinal Correction Centers today to set up an appointment, or use this website to reach out online and learn how chiropractic care can help you get relief from acid reflux.